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  • Five Eyes
    replied to Questions on Nodes
    Are you thinking of the Verbena Revised "Sacred King" rote? It's Prime 3, and releases all the Quint of a willing sacrificial victim, or, if the sacrifice is an Awakened mage, can upgrade a Node....
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  • Prime is, among other things, a highly valuable and rare energy source, so even if you can't use dollar bills to soak up quint directly, you can use money to buy the equipment that lets you manufacture tass or enchant an item.

    * "I can build that laser gun (read: Artifact) for you, but the exotic reactor you'd need to keep the thing operating would cost a small fortune" (Prime)

    * "I've got a nanotech process that will construct food or metals from raw etheric energies. Just need to buy some exotic materials to power the initial fabricators." (Matter/Prime)...
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