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  • When our group workshopped this for our Masquiem game (which sadly never really got off the ground), we had the Ravnos as a Daeva bloodline with this Discipline spread: (Majesty, Celerity, Vigor, Nightmare). This would be if you wanted to focus on Rav as charismatic and energetic, using illusions to pass things off as better or worse than they truly are. It's helpful to note how Devotions can sometimes use the physical disciplines metaphorically, such as Resilience allowing an effect to persist or Vigor making it "forceful."

    The Translation Guide also floats the idea of...
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  • Some W:tApoc spirits are associated with various bits of Americana, and they're still Gaian spirits - I think you can have a pack dedicated to The American Dream, for instance.

    Importantly, the umbral spirits of America-the-concept have no obligation to be sympathetic with the government or policies of America-the-real-place or the Technocracy's vision for America. Even the deified Founding Fathers (as ancestor spirits) aren't really the ghosts of the flawed mortals they are based on - the Spirit of Jefferson is likely a much worthier man than Jefferson himself, an idealized remembrance....
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