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  • nikink
    replied to When did the Gauntlet go up?
    Thanks for your support. I'd have to look at the book to be sure, but have a look at the Banestorm and the Wyrm's assault. Pretty sure that's where I started the linkages.

    The text is pretty much what was submitted. The only thing I know WW added was the sidebar. The rest is development and editing changes, pretty minor overall....
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  • nikink
    replied to When did the Gauntlet go up?
    Eh. If it's so subtle no one has ever noticed, it's too subtle to be relevant. Much like the Caern locations - to me, each is a specific location, trackable to an accurate spot for placement on a map. For everyone else, too cryptic and generalized and thus could be almost anywhere.
    Ah well, my failure.

    No no no, I mean when we were writing the book, it was going to be canon. It was written with that assumption. It's only after it went to White Wolf for approval that it came back with the "this is not canon" sidebar, surprising all of us. So you have the text...
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