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  • Shegh = snow; sleet; cold weather; frost, ice; burning, incineration; chills, shivers
    Marru = stormwind

    So, I'd probably translate "Blizzard" as "Shegmarru"
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  • Not necessarily, but sure, if that's what you want in your game go for it!
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  • p100 Reconciliation. The Wyrm-beasts slaughtered by Pride-Queen and Helios are meant to include vampires - I'd need to check Cairo by Night or Rage across Egypt (or whichever book I got the detail from). First paragraph of Current Events mentions the political vampires present at the time (to the south of the Inhospitable Sea), as well as southern demons (potentially the Baali, assorted other Kindred of low Generation, or djinn), and Wyrm-tainted sorcerors (again, perhaps vampires, perhaps mages of some sort).

    There *might* be one or two other references to Wyrm creatures that were...
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  • Hm, I *did* obliquely reference Kindred in Shattered Dreams. Perhaps too obliquely.

    Regardless, the mention has no relevance to this thread as such. Sorry for interrupting!
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