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  • nikink
    commented on a Visitor Message From Baaldam
    Oh! Ha. Blast from the past.

    Well, the damage done to the Elemental Dragon was ... Zero! After all that effort all they'd done is smash obsidian shards everywhere and wake the Dragon up! Now... it's been a while... but if I recall correctly, the Dragon was pretty pissed off. The Solars more or less fled. I don't think there was much - if any - further negotiation. Whether out of anger or "diplomacy" the monsoons were re-started, anyway.

    This proved not so great as the Solars got back to the town looking to be hailed as heroes, but the storms had devastated...
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  • Baaldam
    Baaldam posted a Visitor Message for nikink
    How are you going? Bumped back into this while messing around with Exalted this week and got curious about how did your group of Solars from back then turn out.
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