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  • Even given the metaphysics of Mage, ignorance is rarely a productive way to protect people. It usually cripples people's ability to deal with circumstances and events they should have been aware of and trained for. But the infantilization of the human race is a key element of the Technocrat philosophy so it makes sense that they'd do it despite the consequences....
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  • Weirdboyz
    replied to What are your character concepts?
    A Created Scion of Hera designed to hunt down the bastard children of Zeus and terminate them lest one of them fulfill the prophecy and bring about the King of Olympus' demise. Slowly starts to resent its reason for being and attempts to find ways to escape its fate and "soulless" nature.

    A shapeshifting Scion of Odin who takes on various identities and names as they go on their Hero's Journey; The reckless hero, the powerful jarl, the old mentor, but also the curious witch, caring mother and ancient seeress depending on the situation and who their talking too.
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