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  • Shadowing prey rules question for other GMs and or playgroups

    so something came up in my playgroup recently. Shadowing prey, the section in the W20 book says that the person being shadowed must roll five successes once someone fails a stealth+ dexterity roll. My question is this, in resisted rules section it says that resisted actions each players successes count out the persons being resisted rolls until someone rolls the required number of successes to win the resisted action. In terms of shadowing, if there is one person/prey being shadowed, how can the person being shadowed score the five needed to realize its being followed by five people? Under...
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  • Ok, so movable shelters for wilderness based Caerns, esp if there's a heavy based Homid population of garou (since I figure not all of the Tribes live like native peoples out in the wild places and the book makes it clear that Homids are quickly becoming the dominant type of Garou due to declining wolf stock in certain areas) and for the more lupine population they often have to fend for themselves, or the bawn of the caern will and might have some sort of shelters. Its not a far stretch to say that some Garou live in a small community nearby right? I figured as Garou were coming and going the...
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  • So generally even a wilder caern would say have places nearby, or within its bawn where Garou can find rest and respite from their travels (unless say its Red talons , which have no homid members)
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  • So the idea is that the younger Garou spend their time away from the Caern, doing missions and such, coming back and so forth every once in awhile, while the odler Garou (those who have survived long enough to make it to that age) usually settles into the bawn to run the affairs of sept? What about caerns in the really "wild" places? (like national parks and such) Would the living spaces be like campgrounds for Homid garou? (I figure Lupus dont often spend time inside living spaces and dont mind living otuside in the wild). Also thank you so much for the rpely! Its just been bothering...
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  • The Caern and Sept, a question for veteran players and GMS of WtA

    I have a question for you all, do the werewolves of a sept of a caern actually live at its location? Do some live there? Do some not? I'm trying to figure it out and thought Id ask here about septs and caerns and how Garou are organized around them, to get a better understanding of a garous relationship with the place their Tribe defends with their life. I know there are positions like the Council of Elders and Sept Leader and Warden, but do they actually *live* in the Caerns boundaries? Or do they disperse and come back only when the caern is threatened? Any and all thoughts would be greatly...
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