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  • Yeah definitely wasn't planning on El Tiradito having a True Faith rating. And I totally agree that the American southwest (and Arizona, in particular) is chock full of beautiful wilderness and plenty of good places for caerns. That said, I do have to limit my scope, somewhat, as I want the chronicle to have a local feel. Other than El Tiradito (which is going to be a Bone Gnawer caern), there will be another caern west of Tucson in the Rincon Mountain District of Saguaro National Park. That one is going to be a mixed tribal Sept. Both caerns will be relatively small. El Tiradito will be a level...
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  • Caerns with religious significance

    So, I'm in the process of prepping a Roll20 WtA game set in Tucson. I'd like to place a Caern somewhere in one of the old neighborhoods in the city, and thought that I had found the perfect place. Then I started to talk myself out of it. Basically El Tiradito is a nominally Catholic shrine in the Barrio Viejo neighborhood in Tucson. I say nominally because its not owned or officially endorsed by the Catholic church or any church. The story goes that, many years ago, a jealous husband murdered his wife's true love and buried him right in front of the house. The shrine is supposed to be the location...
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