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  • Ostarion
    replied to So, is a Raksasha a demon?
    Okay, thanks, just didn't know where to look.
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  • Ostarion
    started a topic So, is a Raksasha a demon?

    So, is a Raksasha a demon?

    I am making some preparations for a character to include in a V5 campaign that I plan to run, and I was making an SPC when I realized I don't know much about the plot when it comes to the Asura in World of Darkness, since there is a sale going on, is there setting or plot information about Asuras or Raksashas in Demon: The Fallen. I know demon is not a perfect translation, but considering how broad vampire is depicted in Beckett:s Jyhad Diary (like the Laibon), I am just checking to see if this pdf is the right buy, or if I need to look at a different line.
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