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  • Thank you for your time in answering. One other thing about the recent chart that you posted earlier is that Legend of the Five Rings doesn't seem to have ever charted before in all previous editions. Even with the support of FGG how did a chanbara fantasy get so high on the list considering its niche genre? Usually its european fantasy, science fiction, horror and super heroes.

    Its a bit off topic, but considering that Vampire appears in this chart, I wonder if their are factors or anomalies not being considered? Legend of the Five Rings seems to be quite a surprise.
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  • Okay, so I checked the reports going back to 2004 or so and it appears that World of Darkness often took second place up until 2009 where it completely disappeared, and only now just reappeared on the chart, is this because of a larger retail presence? Or is it because "World of Darkness" included all of the various lines, and therefore combined sold quite a lot?...
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  • Vampire the Masquerade 5th edition sales

    So, I am one of the 'neonates' when it comes to Vampire the Masquerade 5th edition and and I really like reading up on all the campaigns here and elsewhere which is inspiring. I'm waiting for Chicago (the full hardback or at least the fully edited pdf) to try my hand at it but I was wondering how well its doing when compared to the rest of the industry.

    Does the rpg industry track who the top sellers are?
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