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  • Thank you for the hints and ideas. I got myself the pdf from drivethru and will read it. My players all really enjoy playing tragic stories and don´t have to "win". So they can handle a bit of frustration.

    The tragic in this case is, that the man that abused the vampire character when she was younger is now in the hand of a fae. Probably he suffer even worse. I think the story might get really tense if she realize that she can´t take revenge, even if she kills the fetch. Maybe the story gets really interesting if the changeling escapes arcadia.

    What would...
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  • charley2020
    started a topic What if a fetch gets killed?

    What if a fetch gets killed?

    I am running a vampire chronicle where one of my players character wants to kill a person she knew from her past. He was abusing her in the childhood and now she found out where he lives. As she is now a vampire she wants him dead. I decided that this person was kidnapped by a true fae and exchanged the "bad guy" with a fetch. The Changeling is still in Arcadia and could not escape by now. So far the backstory.

    So. What will happen if she attacks the fetch? Will he defend in some supernatural way? What would she see if she kills him? Would the fae create another fetch? Any...
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