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  • SASQ

    Sasqs are large, muscular, and covered in brown fur, befitting the bastardization of ‘sasquatch’ into their common designation. They combine the power of a cargo lifter and the precision of a surgeon, with expert technical expertise even though they mostly repair rather than design. They possess strong three fingered hands, supplemented by half a dozen long slender tentacles attached to each of their wrists. They possess no neck, but their four eyes provide them with a wide range of vision. They’re the most social phyle among themselves, always comparing notes on equipment...
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  • As far as other races, I am curious as to how this will function mechanically. I assume that aliens will function as a character Origin, with any alien "Anomaly Powers" being handled as Edges. More powerful "alien edges" could be offset by a simple balancing drawback. As follows:

    ENVOY (Origin Path)

    Envoys are designed to be non-threatening with pale skin, a slim build and a slightly bulbous head with large eyes, suggesting a childlike appearance. In addition to clothing, envoys only carry any gear needed for their immediate task. Each of their hands...
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  • MythAdvocate
    replied to Prehistoric Psiads
    It is an interesting thought to be sure. Talents through history are an intriguing concept. Many of the classic heroes, legendary geniuses and great leaders could definitely be described as inspired. Many "magic" sorts of legendary persons could also be Talents, using their extraordinary skills and the powers of Inspired Super Science to create wonders.

    Psiads in the past could account for many of the more overt magic type of persons in antiquity. As for biotech, primitive living machines could be made by psiads via Powered Super Science. But I think most would be in the...
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