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  • There are many names for them. Venusians, Plejarens, etc. A number of UFOlogist claims make reference to them coming from the Pleiades star cluster. This star cluster is important to many wold mythologies, including ones associated with Avalon and the Tuatha de Dannan. So, some Sidhe connections are not hard to make.

    In my home campaign, there are "Stellar Trods" that connect to distant stars, where anciant Umbrood/Fae Lords dwell. There are many battles in the outer dark between these great beings and Fomorian entities....
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  • An excellent point! There are many UFO and "Lost Continent" entities mentioned in occult lore, with many being non-white. Even the Nordics often have Asiatic eyes. "Beautiful Alien" encounters often resemble Native Americans (Navaho and Apache in particular), Polynesians, and Mediterranean peoples. There are many such accounts among UFO contactees. A great deal of this is linked to Alien "space brothers" being involved in ancient societies....
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