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  • MythAdvocate
    started a topic Dark Ages: Fae

    Dark Ages: Fae

    I have been looking through the Dark Ages: Fae rulebook, and I really like the way the fae are presented therein. So much so that I wish Changeling the Dreaming had been constructed in the same manner. It would have felt more in line with how the Fae were presented in the other book lines. A modern use of these rules would be interesting.

    Has anyone attempted using DA: Fae style fae characters in a modern setting?

    Strikes me that a modern take on that particular setting would be fun to work on.
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  • LUBBERLAND: A Changeling Campaign Setting

    Below is a campaign setting I have been tinkering with. It was initially made for an all-childling game centered around Lubberland Academy, in a Harry Potter sort of campaign. But I am so sick of Harry Potter, and I think some more complex stories and mixed Seeming games would work here.


    Lubberland is a Fae Realm in the Near Dreaming within the Kingdom of Apples (Northeast United States). This Fae Realm is a one of many mythic America's envisioned by immigrants coming to the “New World”. It is part of the Big Rock-Candy Mountain mythos that gave rise to...
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  • A very interesting conversation indeed. So happy everyone here is respectful of each other. A rare treat.

    As for True Faith, Glamour and ones Spiritual Compass; It is the view of some esoteric philosophies (and apparently the original White Wolf staff) that it it Materialism that is the true corrupting force in the universe. This includes a love of material possessions and an inability to perceive a greater purpose or meaning in anything. Sort of a metaphysical depression that crushes out everything in reality until all that remains is empty, dead matter.

    In this vein...
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