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  • Narrative. I don't know if any specific regulations around how it works were written into 2e, but my preferences align towards there being a symbolic element to the joining - and that the new pack member is made aware they are becoming part of *something* larger, even though the pack may obfuscate its true nature as having an inner circle of no-shit, actual shapeshifters from the inductee. You want that cult or gang or family element of feeling and aesthetic to it, I feel.

    Nothing beyond the usual Soulless effects in the core rules, as far as I am aware. Stuff like 'no...
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  • Acrozatarim
    replied to Pangaea Unleashed
    Do you mean Pangaean-oriented Gifts?

    Uratha still have the limitations on Gauru and suffer kuruth as normal in the Sundered World; there's no difference in how their Death Rage works in that era....
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