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  • Yeah, they should all be 2-dot Merits. Goddamn, can't believe I missed that bit :P
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  • Acrozatarim
    started a topic New Merits for Pure Wolf-Blooded

    New Merits for Pure Wolf-Blooded

    Happy new year, folks! To welcome in the new decade, here are some bonus Wolf-Blooded merits for those of the Pure. These are very much first-draft state; I had too many ideas so rather than one per Tribe, I did three.

    Gurim-Ur’s Blood: Rabid
    Prerequisites: Wolf-Blooded
    Effects: The Wolf-Blooded’s always running hot and feverish, wild-eyed and often delirious. Unless faced with characters using supernatural powers to pre-empt her, she doesn’t roll Initiative and instead has her Initiative set as one higher than the highest value of any other character in a combat....
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  • New Lodge - The Legion of the Marked

    Figured I'd get these folks up on the forums at last!
    The Legion of the Marked

    Ahrimanites, Legionnaires, Vectors

    The Legion of the Marked are somewhere between war-cult, franchise, and spiritual disease. They’re an upstart splinter sect within the Pure, all that hatred and Shadow-worship turned cancerous. Legionnaires believe now is the time, the end of days, wherein the world will be cleansed through a revolution of spirit and flesh. So far, so Pure, but the Legion of the Marked isn’t concerned with respecting traditional chains of authority or boundaries of pack...
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  • Oh, and merry Wulfmas!
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  • And here we are, with a first draft of additional Hive-Claimed material...
    The Mad Parliament: Hive-Claimed

    It’s time for the promised content expanding a bit on the Hive-Claimed! First up, a little bit of background on how these grotesque fellows ended up on the antagonist roster for Forsaken in the first place…

    Hive-Claimed first appeared in a short Forsaken chronicle I ran set in Cornwall, as a break from the ‘main’ Forsaken game I was running that took place in a fictional city in the south-west of the UK. The side-chronicle tied into the...
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