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  • Shadowchaser
    Shadowchaser posted a Visitor Message for Acrozatarim
    Old WtA and then WtF storyteller, now trying to figure out the differences with WtF2 and growing a new pack of players while having a wonderful 3y old she-cub
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  • Acrozatarim
    replied to Mummy: the Curse 2e Kickstarter
    Yeah, Word of Amanuensis didn't make the cut in the end, but some Utterances had elements of what they do repurposed into Affinities (as with the one that let you call animals).

    I was extremely keen to get summoning Utterances in, but the problem with them is that they eat a lot of additional word count for the stat blocks, so there wasn't room to cram them into the core beyond Awaken the Dead and Words of Dead Dominion. However, I did manage to get a couple of new Utterances that include weird summoning powers into the Book of Lasting Death.

    I'm also putting...
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  • Apologies for this being a bit of a wild tangent off the thread topic, but malladin.ben - that name! Are you the Ben who was part of Malladin's Gate years back, one of the folks behind Etherscope?
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