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  • Arian Dynas
    Arian Dynas posted a Visitor Message for TheCountAlucard
    Just wanted you to know, I liked your comment in the Adamant thread... just for the line about Alcatraz. Made me laugh, and a good comparison.
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  • TheCountAlucard
    TheCountAlucard posted a Visitor Message for The Wizard of Oz
    I suppose you mean, "still use Martial Arts Charms," right? Because that's a pretty important distinction!

    ‚Äč(My personal guess is that it'll vary based on the power and nature of the ghost, both pre- and post-death. A mortal martial artist who has a few dots and leaves behind a rather drab ghost probably won't be able to access MA Charms on any level; a skilled mortal whose ghost is particularly driven, or perhaps the ghost of an Exalt, might use them at low levels; the Deathlords and other uniquely powerful ghosts will probably have access to Mastery-level MA Charms.)...
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  • TheCountAlucard
    TheCountAlucard posted a Visitor Message for Sunder the Gold
    That's kind of a silly notion, isn't it? After all, the population of Creation's Dragon-Blooded outnumber their Celestial counterparts by like, twenty to one. Without some magic widget to expressly prevent DBs from learning a style, why would one ever expect Celestial practitioners of any given martial arts style to outnumber the DBs who know it?

    (It used to be the case in prior editions because there was a magic widget preventing street-level DBs from learning styles, but that's not something that survived the edition changeover.)...
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