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  • Michael
    replied to Working with defence
    I've never had an issue with it as written. I've found that it pushes players to attempt actions other than simply attack. Plus, the easiest way to get past defence is to use willpower which is a limited resource, and gives the impression of the character being tired out by even successful fights.

    As for it dropping, it's not a bad idea for speeding the fight along, though I'd remember that a turn is only about 3 seconds. Even a long fight is probably under half a minute or so.

    In fact, I could see an argument that your defence would go up as the adrenaline starts wo...
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  • I think there's an issue with the virtue/vice and integrity system not easily mapping onto morality.

    Like, vice/virtue are pretty clearly mapped to the individual's perspective.

    Meanwhile your Integrity is largely the result of things done to you, and your ability to resist those things.
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