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  • As far as I know, poaching is hunting into someone else's domain, not just outside yours. Like everyone able to hunt in the Rack. Domain with chasse, portillon... would be useful to avoid other kindred hunting on it. If no one claims that part of the city, they would be free to help themselves. And they better be sure to hunt in unclaimed territory.

    I don't see not using coterie rules breaking the system. Also, since on new supplements new coteries are created, you can use them to create your unipersonal "coteries", although I guess those would be poor ones. Have in mind...
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  • It is a very intense chronicle, with the PC being harassed every second almost non-stop for three nights, including waking up during day to avoid being burnt. It is a great tool to present them the city - and the city to them. Also, there's a terrifying and fun Lasombra mocking them (I wonder if I'll have a Ventrue PC... I'd love to see the reaction when Malenkov tells what he thinks of him), and integrates really well a main metaplot change with even starter characters.

    Also, I liked that unless you dig into his story, Malenkov can easily be seen as a flat villainous character, but...
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  • Together with Eletria I suppose... with that and LTSTR, here you got me hooked to the Monday meeting notes. Again.

    Great work with the Chicago by Night!...
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  • Oh thanks, I missed that! A lot happier now!...
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  • Still going through it, but so far:

    • The art in general
    • How old characters have evolved
    • Many new NPC characters
    • New Anita's look. It's clear old granola girl has toughened up.
    • Plenty of factions to play with
    • A huge amount of detail with plots and interests for NPCs
    • Plot hooks. Plenty of them.
    • International people. Yup, the scourge is from where I am.
    • I named a SPC that didn't pass the cut, but I guess the guys at Onyx Path have valid reasons for it, so not really a complain
    • The homestead system. Although interesting, I find it overcomplicated. I guess
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