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  • This could also be a consideration towards 'think globally, act locally.' Sure, saving Gaia as a whole is too big for even every shape changer working together to do, but by saving one little part at a time, maybe they could save the world. There could also be other things going on, but there is just not enough information to go on, and what is out there feels disjoined/confusing.
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  • The Otherworlds will not be a big focus, considering how hard it looks like it will be to get there in W4. There might not be as much in there as before either, as the various Realms of the Middle Umbra no longer seem to be a thing. There still might be an Astral Umbra, but I am thinking it will entirely be more like Awakening's in design, personal rather than shared. The Council will be less culturally/geographically connected, so expect the Ecstatics and Euthanatoi to go back to their former names. The Akashics could be changed wholesale, as their Tradition is the one still tied to a certain...
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