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  • The Dreaming from Changeling is not the same as the Maya Dream Zone. The two are quite different. While that advice is correct on entering actual dreams, to enter the realm of the Changelings requires something different. Basically, a Mage needs to be Enchanted by a being of the Fae to be able to perceive the Near Dreaming. This can be done by a few different methods, usually by actual feeding/implanting Glamour into someone, even a Mage. There might be a way for a Mage to convert Quint into Glamour to allow self-Enchantment, but I'm not sure how. Some older sources suggest that Dreamspeakers...
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  • I've tried to make a combination discipline of Protean 5 and Auspex 5 to change a vampire directly into ephemera. Possibly higher levels. This would probably be a very rare power, as few vampires would know both disciplines at the right levels. as well as knowing about the spirit worlds in general. As it is, I personally feel that Astral Projection sends one into a version of the Astral Penumbra (or Twilight World as I like to call it in my updated model of the Otherworlds). From there, a vampire could travel to the Vulgate and Spires easily, possibly even to the Epiphanies is one desires....
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