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  • Unfortunately, much of the time, said omen watcher is a Cassandra, so frequently a Scion is asked to see if the omen watcher seems to be saying nothing but pounding her head into the wall and groaning....
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  • Leliel
    replied to Ideas of Chosen Scions
    I have a sorcerous ex-cop who was Chosen by Hades when he not only revealed that his partner was an evil wizard and necromancer, but turned on the department at large to ensure justice would be done and said partner would never have another chance to abuse the dead in the name of "justice."

    Technically he was more Chosen by the Furies (Alecto, to be precise; it may not be violating the police's oath to protect the living, but it's still morally icky and wrong), but Hades was more than happy to make Hell's Own Bailiff a literal title by his own godly authority.
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