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  • Actually, let me start it up:

    Entry #Whatever: Dark Lords

    The Primordial Dream is many things, but above all else, it is a human dream. It is born of the place where, as the great Sir Terry Prachett once said, where the falling angel meets the rising ape. It's the zone where instinct and feeling become thought and true emotion, the unrefined material of the sentient soul.

    Thinking it isn't shaped by what is purely fear of myth is a fool's errand. People may forever be driven by fear of being eaten despite humanity being the Platonic ideal of an apex...
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  • I got one.

    Truth is, you didn't give a rip about the "cause" or any such malarky. You were generally what #Ammit is afraid of letting into their clique-you were, and to an extend are, an impish little troll, and proud of it-you thought that being part of the hacker gang was a good way to piss people off who nobody really minded upsetting. Eventually, Nigel caught on to the fact that 30% the potential Apophite files you were offering were meant purely to annoy him-but when you explained your reasoning behind joining #Ammit, he didn't kick you out. Rather, he bought you a...
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  • Sounds to me like a Euthanatos or a Devil-Tiger is a bit of a smartass.

    Mage: "Oh look, as it turns out, spending thousands of dollars on crass materialism turns out to be worthless and self-destructive. Who knew? *enlightened trollface*"

    Devil-Tiger: "And so, the foolish hedonist loses his wealth, and his punishment is to be treated to as much effort as he puts into his life. So sad."
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