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  • Serpent Axis
    replied to [3E] Mortals now Buffed?
    I figured it must mean that mortals are more allergic to Decisive Attacks, but isn't the (combat) system built around rounds of Withering first? I know I'm not taking Charms and Artifacts into account, but without them is there no difference anymore between a Heroic Mortal and an Exalt?...
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  • Serpent Axis
    started a topic [3E] Mortals now Buffed?

    [3E] Mortals now Buffed?

    Am I reading this right?

    Unless I missed something, according to the core rulebook, everyone gets the double-successes from rolling a 10, soak lethal damage with their full natural stamina and when they calculate their Defense, everyone (not just spirits and Exalts) rounds fractions up.

    In the previous edition, only Exalted, spirits and Heroic Mortals received the benefit of 10-Again, Exalts soaked lethal with half stamina and mortals couldn't soak lethal at all, and only Exalts and spirits rounded fractions up for DV.

    Were mortals buffed by the umbrella...
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