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  • Serpent Axis
    replied to It drives me crazy
    Oh my god, I looked there just before and didn't see it...
    Thanks a bunch, it was driving me insane....
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  • Serpent Axis
    started a topic It drives me crazy

    It drives me crazy

    This isn't a big thing, just something that's driving me crazy.

    A while ago I remember going over some splat or another in one of the books and seeing one of the usual lists of character concepts (like the ones in the Tribes chapter in the Werewolf core book and so on – you know the ones, almost every splat has those somewhere).

    Anyway, in one of the books of one of the splats there was one such list or sample concepts and one of them was "movie monster". It didn't interest me at the time, but now I was toying with some character concepts and recalled seeing...
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