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  • Serpent Axis
    started a topic [V5] Dominate Things

    [V5] Dominate Things

    In preparation for the prospect of finally being able to make a V5 Lasombra in the near future, I decided to brush up on my Dominate as it appears in V5.

    Compel vs Mesmerize

    Compel is described as the power to issue a short, single-sentence command (unlike the previous editions' Dominate 1 power which only allowed a single word like "stop", "sit", etc.)
    Mesmerize is described as the power to issue "more complex commands".

    Does that mean that in order to issue a command like "give me your gun" or "let go...
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  • That's good news! Thanks!

    What free pdf teaser?...
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  • Where are they on Chicago by Night?

    Anyone know how long before it's out for the public and I can finally make Lasombra?...
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  • Serpent Axis
    replied to [3E] Building a Lintha Character
    Yeah, Water Aspects just have that as a permanent benefit from their Anima Powers. They can breathe water.
    What I'm thinking is that I can treat it as kind of like the Sanctity of Merits thing - the Exaltation "subsumes" the Gills merit.

    So the character can be described as having gills, it's just already mechanically represented by the template.

    Yeah, that's the big thing because we don't really have any 3E intel on them yet, aside from the brief overview in the core. I guess dusting off Blood and Salt is the best thing for now?
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  • Serpent Axis
    started a topic [3E] Building a Lintha Character

    [3E] Building a Lintha Character

    I was toying around with a concept for a Lintha character, thinking of an Outcaste (as Infernals and just plain Lintha aren't really a thing yet, mechanically).

    How best can we do this in 3rd Edition?
    I'm especially interested if you think there's going to be major fluff changes to the Lintha and if the Auzhian would still be a thing (and how to "make" it in 3E)?

    I was thinking of giving the character the Gills merit, but it seems Water Aspects just have water-breathing as a built-in thing from their Anima Powers.
    Would Backing (Lintha Family) be...
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