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  • Drake
    replied to Any singers?
    Back in the day, I had a hell of a range. Sang with school choir, was sure I was going to be a pro musician (naivety was fun while it lasted).

    Jacked my throat up with smoking, drinking, and that metal screaming shit, though.

    Been working on getting back to being able to sing, but it's like the middle of my range fell out and the top broke off, but my lower end is lower than it used to be - kinda like I'm learning to sing all over again with a new voice.

    Getting more confident (and my wife has started asking "Why aren't you singing?" when songs...
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  • Depends on what you mean by "couldn't". Sure, he's totally capable of having done that. But did he want to leave the extra bits that are entirely his at my place where who knows where I'd keep them (I mean, I sure don't have a clue), rather than at his mom's where there is actually a place for them (in his old room)? Not so much, and I don't fault him for it....
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  • I've only just now realized how goofy my anticipation for my book to arrive actually is.

    I wasn't the one that actually backed this specific Kickstarter, it was my buddy Ben. The whole group of us put in money to pledge for what we felt was needed (just one book, I think), and handed that over to Ben who wanted to pledge enough for a copy of the book for himself and some of the extras. And in the time since the Kickstarter was funded, Ben has moved like 1,400 miles away.

    So while other folks are waiting for a parcel to show up at their door, I'm actually waiting for a...
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