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  • You said "shadowrun without cyberpunk," and I thought "that's like a Philly cheese steak with no steak, they've got a different word for that, it's a fucking cheese sandwich"

    ...but then I watched the trailer and was clued in to what you mean. It definitely does look like the kind of story that could have happened to somebody in the Shadowrun world sometime in the 2010s. And now I have yet more stuff I'm looking forward to watching on Netflix, so thanks for that....
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  • Drake
    replied to Transylvanian chronicles help
    The major pitfalls I found in that chronicle is that it is written in such a way that no matter how well thought out the players' plans are or how successful those plans should be (given reasoning and dice rolls), the chronicle assumes, and sort of forces, the players' characters to be failures - or at least be constantly treated as such by the NPCs, even if they are awarded accolades. To put it simply, the chronicle makes the characters simultaneously princes of their own cities and absolutely disrespected lap dogs that always shit the bed.

    To overcome that pitfall, I basically had...
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