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  • I just read both definitions for Defense, and to me it doesn’t look like an update. It just looks like they wanted to make it shorter and cleaner.
    Furthermore you can use an instant action and a reflexive action in the same turn. So those things are not interchangeable. (You can find a definition in the Glossary.)

    Generally I use more than one book. (Sometimes I go even back to the first edition, if I just don’t get it. Trying to understand what the authors want to say...)
    Anyway, most of the new books have a smaller but cleaner rules section, because they need more...
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  • It was one of my reasons. Not THE reason. Anyway I think starting with answering my questions first by posting your example, would have given the whole discussion a much better context! 😉

    But now let’s get back to the details! 😊
    - Influence Effect: Create Anchor:
    Still possible at Rank 4.
    (I was remembering the „missing traits“ section on page 76. Therefore I thought he can’t use Numen etc. But that was only for bound Geists. 😆)
    - „Closer to Death“:
    The first person that will be used by him to kill his family is a 14 year old boy....
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  • Why would you remove the requirements instead of increasing the Rank? 🙃
    I think some power could be useful to make all his tricks possible.

    From my point of view you are still completely off topic. You can find my questions in my first post. 🤔
    (If you think a Geist without a Bound can somehow become a „Host Jumping Ghost“ for my Story, please provide an example like I did in „My current solution“. I believe they can’t use “Host Jump“. So they are not an option. 🧐)


    Recently I was thinking,...
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  • I see. Thank you! 😀...
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  • Most people try to rationalize it away if they saw something. An illusion, a trick of the light, drank too much, thinking they might be going crazy, a nightmare etc. They even subconsciously change their memory of the event. "It was just a large dog. There are no Werewolves.", "It was just a dream", etc.
    Especially NPCs need undeniable proof. Something experienced first hand, that they can not argue away.

    But since I don't like the idea of the players convincing NPCs to believe in the supernatural, I made it clear through my story, that normal people (most...
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  • In the CofD Core Rulebook on Page 121 is a "Trained Guard Dog". There are Dice Pools, that I don't know how to use:

    General Dice Pools:
    Born Survivor 7
    Marathon Runner 7
    Aggressive Growl 5

    Combat Dice Pools:
    Tackle 6

    Where can I find more information about them?...
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  • Where did you find that?

    1) My current solution is, that Asmodeus increases his power (Rank), without changing who he is. I don't want to bend the rules more than necessary.

    2) Maybe a Reaper would work, too, without changing anything. The "Ruthless Judge" on page 219 is kind of similar to him. So he would first kill people and then drag their ghosts to the Underworld later.

    Question about Reapers:
    A lot of their stats are separated depending on their current Rank. But can they use all of their Influences, Manifestations and...
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  • Well, I think you can interpret it both ways, I guess. 🙃

    But that’s not the topic... 🤔
    I have a specific problem, and if you think you have a solution, I would like to know about, please post it. Maybe in a similar way to “My current solution” above. That would be nice! 🤗...
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  • GTS 2nd Edition:

    Geist: A powerful ghost whose human identity has been largely subsumed by the power of the Underworld. Most got that power by drinking from a River of the Underworld.

    Page 57: There are strange fruits down below, and stranger rivers. If a ghost drinks deep, he can grow, but not as he is or was.

    Page 187:
    Rank 3-5 ghosts, or geists as the Bound call them, are sapient, but their human nature is buried beneath a thick scum of Underworld-tainted Essence. Their forms are twisted and exaggerated by the manner of their death,...
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  • As mentioned before, this seems to be more complicated than expected.
    Therefore I created a separate topic for it:

    (I also provided more background information etc. there.)
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  • Creating a Ghost similar to the one in "What the night knows" by Dean Koontz

    I want to create a Ghost, similar to the one in the story "What the night knows" by Dean Koontz. My group is playing a similar story right now.
    (There is also a movie called "Fallen" with Denzel Washington. Here it's a demon instead of a ghost, but the basic story idea is identical.)

    Background Information
    - A serial killer worships Asmodeus and some "dark and powerful presences". (He wants to become one of them, or serve them at least.)
    - A raven is his teacher.
    - He kills entire families in a ritualistic way.
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  • Ah, now it makes perfect sense.😄
    I also found a helpful sentence in the books: "Finally, a high-Rank ghost can use a Create Influence to mark a target as an Anchor."

    I think I will open a separate post since this seems to be more complex than I had hoped. 🙃...
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  • Sorry, I didn't mean to mix "Ghost" and "Geist" up. In German, the word for ghost is "Geist"... 😆
    3) I was wondering what might cause a „Geist“ to not need anchors anymore. I assumed it was the Rank because I couldn't find anything else so far. But Satchel seemed to have another theory. 🤔

    But in the end, I simply want to know the options that I have to tell the story. 🤗
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  • Thank you for your answers Satchel, even though I have difficulties to follow all of your thoughts.. 🤔
    I am looking for help to make my story work. Please keep that in mind while answering. 🤗

    1) a) What Rank does a Ghost need to use “Host Jump” -without help- to “claim“ a victim?
    b) What does he need to do? (Is there more than one way?)

    2) Why can’t a Ghost use “Influence - Create” to make a person an anchor? (Page in the book?)

    3) Why doesn’t a Ghost need an anchor, if it’s not the Rank? (They don’t even need anchors...
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  • So what Rank does a Ghost require to use “Host Jump”?

    I am not sure what you mean. Why does the rating of anchors needs to become higher?
    Geists and Reapers are Rank 3 and don’t need anchors, and don’t suffer from essence bleed without them. Therefore I presume that’s true for every Ghost of Rank 3 or higher.

    And what do you mean by “reorientation”? (I didn’t finish the book by now. Still reading.) Does every Ghost at Rank 3 get keys? Even Reapers?

    So the victim needs to get the open condition by a Ghost...
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  • How to convert the Ghost Short Story “Midnight Movie” for the game

    At this point in the story the players are still human, and I wanted them to learn more about ghosts. Therefore I decided to use a short story that I recently read. (Learning about anchors, how to get rid of a ghost by destroying it OR how to help him move on.)

    A director of cheesy old horror movies dies. His movies never reached a big audience, and now that he is dead he wants to change that.
    A guy, who buys his old TV, starts to see a blurred version of those movies in the middle of the night at max volume. By using certain parts of those movies etc. the ghost...
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  • The Ghost worshiped the demon in life by torturing and killing people. So the if the ghost can’t return without changing who he was, this might be the best option, I guess. In the story the ghost wants to finish what he started.

    1) If I want to give him the numen “Host Jump”, I think he needs to be Rank 4, because he needs to be able to create new anchors!? Or does he need to be Rank 5, because one Influence is always “Anchors” (I guess this means his personal type of anchor)!?

    2) I am also not sure, what kind of Influence would be suitable...
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  • Do you know where I can read more about the details?
    On smashing the gate open?
    Why can a Ghost with Rank 3 leave!? What usually prevents other ghosts from doing the same. etc.

    Could also a Demon from Inferno “somehow” help with that? (Asmodeus)
    I know they can’t leave themselves....
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  • You loose Synergy per Rank of the Ghost that was eaten. Furthermore it is compared to cannibalism. (Page 95, Loosing Synergy)...
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  • Elythia
    replied to Hunter: the Vigil 2E Kickstarter
    And I would also like to know whether there are any plans for new dice? Maybe as a stretch goal?
    (It’s really an advantage, while playing in a dark room, to have all the successes highlighted.)...
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