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  • If I had read that, Game of Thrones would have come up in my mind first!

    @NKF not to harm means to be nice and kind to me and of course I include mental harm, which is the worst for me. I won't feel whole if I act in a way to... circumvent the rules. I'd rather not be Wiccan yet ...
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  • Originally from Macau, I learned to pray different Shens which looked more superstition than anything now that I think about it. I would burn papers for the Gods and the ancestors, I would light incense to the different gods and respect particuarly Guanyin, looking for mercy and health whenever my family needed it. My aunt taunt me and it was like a game. I was the only one receptive to that because mythology has always fascinated me.

    I tried and still want to apply the Wiccan way but I feel like not ready to be that gentle and nice to everyone hehe. I feel like religion would force...
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