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  • Half-Life as a Trinity Continuum story

    I was just playing Half-Life 2: Episode 2 (my deep and fervent wish that Valve would just license or outright sell the franchise to Gearbox or Arkane so they can finish it is a topic for another time), and something about the vortigaunts and their energy manipulation abilities suddenly reminded me of the Chromatics. Playing on, more elements of the Combine leapt out at me as very Trinity-esque, and particularly ├ćon-esque. The Shu'uluthoi (no idea if I'm spelling that right, I'm transcribing phonetically the word a vortigaunt uses for Advisors) and their apparent psychic powers, biotech war...
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  • Hakkonen
    started a topic Dragon-Blooded, etc., Charm cards?

    Dragon-Blooded, etc., Charm cards?

    I ponied up for the EX3 Charm cards, because I expect they'll make the game significantly easier on everybody at the table. Are there plans to produce cards for the other types of Exalt?
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