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  • saedar
    replied to Ask a question, get an answer: Scion Edition
    1.) I believe that the extra Calling point comes from character creation in Origin. It just isn't spelled out really well.

    2.) Check the errata thread. It is closed but someone may have reported this already.

    3.) Not sure where you are seeing this. Can you point to a page reference?...
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  • saedar
    replied to Errata: Scion: Hero
    Page 183, Attributes Character Creation Example - There seems to be a lot mixed up, or I'm missing stuff. Mental arena lists its attributes as Reason (should be Intellect?), Cunning, Composure (social attribute). Physical and Social attribute sets look fine, but then the math at the bottom isn't accurate. Likely due to the issues indicated by the Mental arena attributes being wonky.
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