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  • Basically, the position is that they exist and have been active. However, there have been a lot of discussion on here about their inclusion/exclusion and it has been a minefield. So, for now, the descriptions we have are about it.

    However, I think there's been some talk of including a Canaanite (if not specifically Abrahamic) pantheon sometime in the future.
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  • saedar
    replied to Ask Neall
    If my Origins character is a therianthrope, can they already change shape or is that something that comes with "Visitation" (not sure how that works for non-Scion mythological characters)? Do Origins characters start with Legend or is that something they pick up in Hero? Couldn't find a clear reference in the text.
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  • saedar
    replied to Scion Errors
    Neall clarified in one of the other threads: Basically, you can have some number of Knacks but only one can be active at a time. You can swap your "active" Knack at the end of the session....
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