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  • Yeah, the infinity sign by itself does look a little too much like an "Immortals" icon.

    Plus we wanted something a little dazzling to represent divine power....
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  • Also, been some debate for the skull icon for the Empyrean, so let's let the people decide:


    me and ajf115 agree that the first looks cleaner and slicker, but the second has more identity, plus and the infinity sign also helps to distinguish it from the Hunter: The Vigil skull icon: ...
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  • We have a general outline for the 'book' as it were, and are slowly fleshing it out--here's the write-up for the first of the Creeds--the Elder Gods:

    The Elder Gods
    (Sigil: An ancient war helm sits amongst dark and stormy clouds, while two slits of eyes spark and glow from within the helm.)
    (Picture of an African-American man in a business suit standing in front of a penthouse window, gazing out over a city skyline. His left hand is a fist resting on his hip, his right holds a double-headed spear. His eyes glow a faint blue, and electricity arcs from the blades
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