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  • Thank you ArcaneArts for the "
    from the place where you grab the pdf's
    :" link. I have been reading this thread and the Genius 2ed. thread as best I can but it's a lot easier to follow along when I can read the source material being discussed.

    ​I like the inspiration resources used, especially Venture Brothers.

    ​When I see the word Genius used I tend to think of Archimedes and Leonardo de Vinci.
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  • moonwolf8
    replied to Deviant: the Renegades
    Okay, I've read through 49 pages of posts here, let's see what ideas stick.

    ​ The phase shattered soul reminds me of "Soul Retrieval" by Sandra Ingerman. It's possible to reintegrate your soul fragments, but that doesn't undo the trauma that broke your soul. It just makes you better able to cope.

    ​ I've recently been looking over "Time of Judgement" from the old World of Darkness. It occurred to me that it would be fun to play a temporally displaced imbued from Hunter: the Reckoning as a deviant. The last thing the character remembers...
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