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  • moonwolf8
    replied to The God of Halloween
    In "Christianity: the Origins of a Pagan Religion" Philippe Walter argues that there is "an archaic memory of traditions, superstitions, and legends that form an authentic mythology and possesses no biblical justification." He identifies this middle age mythology as Carnival and claims that it is named after Carna the Roman goddess of pork and beans. Not sure how much I believe him but the book is fun to read.
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  • moonwolf8
    replied to Other Media Inspirations for Scion
    "I would like to try to have a story where all characters are Incarnations of the long lost gods, that for some reason start to popping on earth randomly around the world and learning what they are. There are a few other godlings rising, but none of them are on God level, maybe Demigods still. And the monsters are popping up around too, but not as incarnations, maybe by the act of the Titans or something."

    The gods in their generations perhaps? A new generation of deities every 30,000 years, New gods arrising and dead gods being reborn. Rick Riordan, comic book superheroes,
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  • moonwolf8
    replied to Ghostbusters
    They are now calling it Ghostbusters: Afterlife. The new trailer looks cool. It's supposed to come out in July 2020. I'm looking forward to it.
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