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  • moonwolf8
    replied to Inspirations for Lost
    One of the books I'm reading is "Tribe of Witches". The author mentions an octagon shaped nemeton dedicated to the hunting god. This reminded me of the octagon house I saw mentioned in "Weird Virginia". I then thought of Saint Hubert the patron saint of hunters and foresters, so I thought the octagon house would be a good place to put a chapel of Saint Hubert. One of the other books I'm reading is Malory's Works, when the knights aren't busy smiting each other they seem to spend a lot of time visiting chapels.

    One of the other chapters in "Tribe of Witches"...
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  • In "Advanced Civilizations of Prehistoric America" author Frank Joseph identifies the Hopewell culture of the American Midwest as being a contemporary offshoot of the Yayoi culture in Japan. Allegedly they sailed to the Americas in catamarans. Not sure how you might use transpacific trade in your campaign but the option is available.....
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