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  • I think my favorite DB charms so far are Arbor Sentinel Technique and Exploding Evidence. Tree turret bow and "They can't incriminate me if everything is on fire" are just so much fun to me, I can't help but love them.

    There are a lot of really cool goodies in the charmset as a whole though. Truth-In-Stone Binding and Anathema-Sealing Tomb are also amazing, and Unmoving Center Enlightenment is a great concept, for instance. There's more but these are some of those that immediately come to mind.
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  • YeOfLittleFaith
    replied to Thoughts on the Fajad preview?
    I found this preview quite neat. The cultural and religious aspect is a particular stand out because I don't recall other published things in Exalted taking this kind of inspiration from Islam, and it produces an interesting context with everything else that's around in the world, debates of its straightforwardness aside. But the legend of the sorcerer who nests there and the kind of presence they hold, as well as the politics surrounding Fajad and its neighbors make it compelling. I really like that it takes the time to address the surroundings that immediately concern the place, and that small...
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