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  • I liked the post you made a while back comparing how different the 2e design between Disciplines and like, Contracts is, and that was pretty informative, but hearing more about the process is always fun.

    Where it comes to the linear progression of Disciplines as reflective of vampires becoming more monstrous and inhuman as they develop their nature, were there ever any thoughts on how to tie buying Discipline dots into Humanity breaking points or similar mechanics? Cruac and Theban Sorcery have something like that in their relationship to Humanity, but they're more external....
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  • Characters with Scale applicable to attacking can purchase the Inflict Damage stunt an additional time for each Scale rank they have over the opponent. That's mostly the way to do it, but bear in mind that the system is designed with cinematic action in mind, so it's definitely intentional that player characters can't be easily dispatched in one blow.
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