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  • You're going to really, REALLY like the [REDACTED] in False Gods......
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  • I also endorse these products and sentiments.

    As for conversion stuff, well, I've obviously thought a lot about this. A few things are really straightforward, especially as you get toward the end of the first edition, though as someone said above, it depends on how radically different the 2E version of the game is from 1E. With things like Promethean, there's some mechanical drift, but you can eyeball it; with things like Geist, you have to start from scratch.

    You also come across things that are just...bad. I have a great fondness for 1E CofD (I quite literally own every...
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  • The bane has a fair bit of wiggle room, but, [REDACTED]. Without spoiling anything, if you want to play a Malocusian, you aren't just forced to stay inside all night. However, there are narrative consequences to leaving your haven if you aren't willing to pay the price, and even then, it's not always worthwhile to pay it......
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  • Rotgrafen 2E (False Gods: Ventrue Preview)

    Time for another preview? Time for another preview!

    The Rotgrafen are much-beloved in Requiem fan circles, and it's hard not to see why: who doesn't want to play a vampire pirate? Who doesn't want to play a vampire viking?

    As always, I'll have dev notes for after the book comes out, but the Rotgrafen were a fairly straightforward update. I mythologized their background a bit (their Origins are three variants of the story from Bloodlines: The Chosen), and dumped their old bane, which was a little too Mekhet for my tastes.

    And before anyone makes a fuss, the...
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  • It will indeed. The text in Ease the Curse even references it obliquely. “None have succeeded” is a little poetic license; “None have succeeded except Dragons who buy that one Coil that kind of breaks the game” doesn’t have the same ring, ya know?

    (Secrets of the Covenants is an AMAZING supplement, but Coil of Živa isn't my favourite thing in it. I get what it’s going for, but I feel like it needed a rethink [YMMV].)...
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