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  • Lilitha
    replied to Eating Food
    Yeah revised third edition, and not the merit. The part that actually says vampire's can't eat food. I know they can't eat food but finding the rules that actually says that is very difficult to find.
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  • Lilitha
    started a topic Eating Food

    Eating Food

    Does anyone know what page the rules for eating food are on, in the vampire the masquerade revised rule book? I already looked through the book from cover to cover 5 times and I can't find it, but I know it is in there. I know it is like a sentence or maybe two buried in like some obscure area of the book, which is why every time I look for those rules I can never find them. If you don't know where it is, then please don't waste your time trying to find it, because it could take you hours. I am just wondering if someone happens to remembers where it is in that book and can just tell me.
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