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  • Can Klaus dominate as in compell.. or by fighting?...
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  • What generation would the Original vampires be?

    If you guys watch the show "The Original".. How would you make them out to be in the World of Darkness?
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  • It could help alleviate some of the issues though. You can give students that want to go to college a better chance by putting them into these schools. Use admission requirements like evaluating those students based on their prior grades in middle school. Funding is in question. Though, I think you can offer a suggestion to that.

    Of course, there would still be normal high schools out there for students that aren't that motivated and plan to do something else than to go to some big university. Wouldn't this be a win-win?
    So how would this help students in regular high schools?...
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  • Should some High School offer entrance exams to get in? I believe these are called magnet schools? I have been reading up on how the schooling system works in Asia, and apparently some of their good high school require entrance exams to get into. I feel that as an U.S citizen there should be more funding into education. I am not saying we neglect broken down schools, but there should be some consideration into offering specialized schools like these. Of course the curriculum of these schools will be a bit more intense, as the focus of these schools would be to feed students into the University...
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  • ^ Well how do you explain why many East Asian Americans are so successful in school then? You can still deal with a not so great school with a strong enough work ethics.

    "The authors wrote that family wealth was not a factor in performance."

    "The poverty rates of Chinese and Vietnamese are higher than they are for whites. However the disadvantaged children of Chinese and Vietnamese immigrant families routinely surpass the educational attainment of their native-born, middle-class white peers."
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  • Majority of U.S High Schools aren't as bad as it might seemed

    A little background about myself. I am a first generation Chinese American that was born to immigrant parents. We didn't have much so I pretty much grew up in poverty. My parents could barely speak any English which made it a lot tougher to get better paying jobs than the ones they had. Ex: I didn't get a cell phone until my junior year of High School.

    The High School that I went to wasn't the best and I witnessed things that I found was pretty disturbing. There were quite a lot of disciplinary problems with the students. Teachers often have to use delicate class time to discipline...
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