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  • Irioth
    replied to Dark Kingdoms in the Tempest
    Yeah, the Flayed Lands represent Mesoamerican civilizations in the Tempest, not much else from Precolombian America, and they are the big thing in the Underworld for 'traditional' Native American wraiths. Like most other 'fallen' Dark Kingdoms, Stygia has basically taken over their Shadowland turf in Mexico and Central America. Only old wraiths that pre-existed Spanish colonization and a relative trickle of modern ones that are familiar and identify with Precolombian culture populate the realm. I am sorry I know little about the other Amerindian Dark Kingdoms, b/c it has been years since I read...
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  • Irioth
    replied to Dark Kingdoms in the Tempest
    Let's see, we have three big powerful centralized empires in the Underworld that are bonded to the most successful and sophisticated Old World living civilizations in the Skinlands. They typically control a large swath of the Shadowlands, mostly superposable to their cultural/political turf in the living world, and have a vast island/city/continent realm in the Tempest:

    The Dark Kingdom of Iron AKA Stygia the realm in the Shadowlands with Stygia the city in the Tempest for the Western world (it largely absorbed the Muslim world as well);

    The Dark Kingdom of Jade AKA the...
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