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  • Pnizzle
    started a topic Garou v kindred alliance

    Garou v kindred alliance

    I’m running some ‘neutral’ garou faction in a city for a VtM game.

    The vampire PCs are in a troublesome truce with them.

    One player is entirely specialized and appears as human.

    I RPed the garou as treating the ‘human’ as a mind slave (knowing vampires have some kind of mental control, but being young aren’t certain exactly).

    Is it realistic for them to liberate the ‘human’ or would it have been better to get rid of or ignore them?

    I have some ideas already for their reasoning behind accepting a truce but I’ll...
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  • Pnizzle
    commented on a Visitor Message From mrobviousjosh
    Right now we’re playing on saturdays on Central European time @ 3pm.

    Pro Camarilla characters should be built together with me. That way they tie into side plots and have NPCs they care about otherwise they’ll just be murder hobos.

    Characters that make up for the other players shortfalls would be beneficial. Investigation of a murder is the main plot.

    We play on discord.

    If you can support that lemme know your discord handle and I’ll invite you.
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  • mrobviousjosh
    mrobviousjosh posted a Visitor Message for Pnizzle
    I'm interested in your murder mystery V20 game. Couple quick questions:

    1) Day/Time

    2) Character creation rules

    Let me know; I'm happy to answer any questions you have though e-mail is best to get fastest response ( Thanks.

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  • Still looking. Discord required.
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  • It’s not hard to build the hulk from the Possessed book rules. Let alone buff him up with additional xp from being a boss level npc.
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