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  • Since so many people seem to be making the same mistake, I feel I should clarify one important detail. (Also, I made the exact same mistake as well until I happened to re-read that section of the book yesterday.)

    Coterie Types don't give you any bonus points of any kind.

    The stuff listed in each Coterie Type's description aren't freebies, they're costs that the group must collectively pay from their Coterie Pool (usually 1 point per player) in order to qualify as that type of Coterie. The key sentence is in the second to last paragraph before the list of Coterie Types...
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  • So, the text basically says two things:

    "(1) Dominate cuts to the core of vampiric mastery and predation. Thus, vampires must resist attempts to Dominate them. (2) A vampire of lower (stronger) generation can resist Dominate attempts from higher generation vampires by spending a Willpower point, negating the effect completely."

    (1) This is simply saying that vampires, being the power-obsessed monsters that they are, MUST always try to resist Dominate. In other words, there's no option to just let a power happen; if someone targets you with Dominate, you MUST...
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