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  • It strikes me as a conversation that could easily overlap with mundane psychology but with far more reaching to older texts, given the acknowledgement of souls.

    Agree with using it as an obsession.

    As for building a new subconscious out of a seed of my own, I feel it would result in a major personality change in the baddie, making them very similar to myself. A sympathy connection and dream meeting would be awesome....
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  • Honestly, I don't know with a capital K. However, I consider it results in a person who, if they retain their memories, lose all value attached to those memories. So, they either become super literal and of the moment, or the become 'fresh', unattached to their previous self.

    One of my thoughts that in order to develop a subconscious, I'd have to teach her how to lie. If you can hide your thoughts from me, you can hide them from yourself. :P...
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  • What is the minimum practice needed to construct a subconscious?

    I was daydreaming about a fight scene wherein a baddie (Mage) brings myself (Mage) and a friend (Vampire) into their subconscious. Gratuitous battle ensues. We win and the friend eats the baddie. We end up kicked out of her head and find that she has become mentally compromised. She has no subconscious! (Still has a soul and conscious mind though, which is just raw process and as such, very literal.)

    In my musings, I have Mind 3, max, as we were recently empowered. I felt guilty/curious, and as such, decided to help. What could I do to rebuild her subconscious? Do I have to wait until...
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