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  • This of course brings up the broader question of can you notice when someone is Mesmerizing you? Do you realize you are Mesmerized once it happens? Can you detected a failed attempt to Mesmerize?...
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  • Would you even know they were attempting to Dominate you to interrupt them? The write-up seems to make it appear that applying the Mesmerize condition isn't something super noticable ("Her control isn’t obvious")....
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  • Wade L
    started a topic Is there any recourse when Mesmerized?

    Is there any recourse when Mesmerized?

    So, another Vampire hits you with Mesmerized.

    Do you realize you've been Mesmerized? Can you do anything about it?

    Can someone hit you with Dominate 1 and then go "speak the complete truth", "answer all my questions", sit down and extract all the info they want, and then go 'forget this conversation"?

    Or can you realize that something is happening to you and flee (or attack) before the Ventrue can get another word out? Presuming "stand perfectly still" isn't the first command they give you?
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