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  • In theory it is likely based on the generation of the vampire it is from in some way. House of Tremere pg 21 says they captured a Tzimisce elder named Roland from which Goratrix learned much about vampirism. However there isn't any confirmation, but that is my best assumption from the information available....
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  • House of Tremere on page 26 under "The Hunt" says

    Based on the fact that Mendacamina (embraced by Etrius) and Therimna (embraced by Goratrix) are later in the book both listed as 6th Generation after being embraced in 1023 means that the original Tremere embraced through the ritual would have been 5th Generation which based on the description of the event on page 22 are Goratrix joined by Tremere, Etrius, Meerlinda, and 4 other of the founder's closest associates one of which is Calderon since he lunged at Goratrix after the ritual was complete. It is also likely that...
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  • My money is on Lazarus for that. He ignored when his sire called the Feast of Folly and considering his actions with the Harbingers, especially given the discussions in Lore of the Bloodlines, he'd have no problem putting the bite on Cappadocius. Japheth is still too loyal and Byzar/Mahatma is too distracted with Constantinople....
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