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  • Cynic01
    replied to Paths by Usefulness?
    Yes but I included it because of how it is linked to Thaumaturgy

    While that is true, I mentioned it because it is only defense against some Paths (Father's Vengeance for example) which boil down to roll dice and successes screw the target and they can't resist in any way. Thus when something is the only defense it becomes much more valuable. Also it is a free action in combat so while the enemy burns their action on trying their Thaumaturgy against you, you get to respond in full while having your defense.
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  • Cynic01
    replied to Paths by Usefulness?
    A few Paths stand out above the others in my mind
    • Path of Conjuring - Being able to create anything up to the caster in size so long as the thaumaturge has the knowledge; guns, phones, keys, money, rare materials, hell even a small nuke could be crafted
    • Movement of the Mind - Being able to replace combat capabilities is always good, as is flight (though a Masquerade breach), opening locks, unloading magazines from a gun, etc
    • Spirit Manipulation - Depending on how the ST rules spirits this can be amazingly powerful. Assuming full spirit rules being able to functionally command entities that
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