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  • Cynic01
    replied to [V20] Presence 4: Summon
    1) This is nebulous and I could see arguments for it identifying the Summoner or not. I'd say if you want to split the difference then give the target a roll to identify the Summoner. The Auspex 4 power of Telepathy regarding projecting thoughts might be a suitable example of something similar to use as a baseline (Manipulation + Subterfuge vs Perception + Awareness to hide one's mental "voice")

    I would say if they have no knowledge of Disciplines they wouldn't get a roll to know what's been done to them, only that they have been compelled to go to the Summoner. If they...
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  • There are infernal characters that are essentially upscaled versions of what you describe, jilted or ambitious figures who turn to demons for power to match to someone more potent.
    • Nergal sought demonic power to be able to compete with the Methuselah of the ancient world
    • Mary the Black sought revenge against the Methuselah Michael the Patriarch
    • Oliver Thrace sought the power of the Yama Kings to destroy the Kuei-jin/Wan Kuei/Cathayans
    Mary especially fits because Michael abandoned her when the city was attacked, and so infernal forces gave her the power to not only return but eventually...
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