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  • So there are a few possibilities depending on some of the factors of the situation.
    • Was the Tzimisce of a lower Generation than the Watcher? If not then the Watcher can heal the changes like an aggravated wound, meaning a full day's rest and spending 5 blood points (which may be spent over a course of days). See DAV20 pg 267.
    • Seek out a Tzimisce to do new work and try to undo what was done previously. It is described as being difficult to undo such changes exactly but if your goal is to appear close to how you looked it should be doable. See DAV20 pg 267.
    • Learn Vicissitude and Body Crafts
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  • Cynic01
    replied to Obfuscate Retcon?
    First off the Bloodlines game is not an accurate display of how Disciplines work as compared to the pen&paper version. Bloodlines changed and adapted many Disciplines and powers within them to be more function for an action rpg, such as Thaumaturgy letting you throw damaging blobs of blood at level 1 or Dominate causing a target to die at level 3 as opposed to finding out information from a drop of blood or altering a person's memories respectively for the pen&paper versions of those.

    As for Obfuscate itself. 1st Edition doesn't say anything about electronics but 2nd Edition...
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  • Cynic01
    replied to The Blessing of Vitality
    I would argue it does not, and maintains until such time as the duration passes for two reasons. The first are things like Dominate, Dementation, Thaumaturgy, and Vicissitude existing past the final death of the vampire that created them. The second is that it is a 7 dot elder level Discipline.
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