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  • inspectorjavert
    started a topic Miami based games

    Miami based games

    I was wondering if anyone has ever used the Miami setting in their games. I'd love to see how a game plays out in that city but I think most people would rather use their own settings, does anyone know if there are any chronicles set there on youtube?
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  • If you'd give me a hat tip I'd be happy if you use an idea I had for another freehold: A republican freehold (note the small "r" its referring to the government not the political party)

    All the members of each court cast a vote for who they think should serve as the King/Queen for that season. The King/Queen has most of the power but is advised and can be overruled at times by a council that consists of the previous monarchs and the runner up in the election (IE The former Winter Spring and Autumn kings will be the Summer king's council as will be whoever got the second...
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  • inspectorjavert
    replied to Music of Lost
    The angelic voice of Loreena McKeenit singing the Stolen Chidl poem by a little known poet called "Yates." LD There's the sound of barking dogs in the beginning which reminds me of one of the kidnapping scenerios mentioned in the core book.

    And of course who can forget one Andrew Loyd Webber's Masquerade which seems to me to represent the hidden life of the Changlings and how they might react if one of their keepers show up.
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