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  • Dragonchild
    replied to Infernalists who aren't
    Disappointing, but it's the answer I was expecting I guess.

    I mean, I get that even angels can be dangerous and I could understand if traffic with demons was risky, kind of like how it's stated somewhere that even the positive aspects of kali can shift to angry butt kicking destroyer goddess at the drop of a hat. But having every other mage respond to it with "Oh n0ez, what if a demon moose eats your soul?!" Or "you're a devil worshipper and we must burn you at the stake after a sound gilgulling" just seems to make the concept nearly unplayable.

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  • Dragonchild
    started a topic Infernalists who aren't

    Infernalists who aren't

    This is something that sort of bothers me about mage the ascension. M20 mentions the left hand path, but doesn't go into detail on the role that more demonic entities play in those sorts of paths. Is there room in mage for luciferian PCs who see Lucifer as a noble spirit who liberated humanity, or the dark neopagan who reveres the parts of nature most reject and fear but isn't evil per se? Or are all such people just on the track to becoming nephandi?
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