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  • Dragonchild
    replied to Scion: Dragon in the works
    Yeah, there's a lot of creatures people call dragons that I wouldn't at all consider dragons. Godzilla and the tarrasque have some things in common with dragons, but they just don't represent the same things or feel the same as a dragon to me. Most depictions of the loch Ness monster are also not dragons. Lungs, wyverns, wyrms, and 4 legged euro dragons all tend to be portrayed with qualities that imo make them "real" dragons though, i.e. more than just vaguely reptilian, some kind of elemental power, intelligent (although admittedly that isn't true of all euro dragons. But hey, we have...
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  • Dragonchild
    replied to Scion: Dragon in the works
    If you're not sure whether dragons fit in something, just remember this rule of thumb: dragons are dragons, therefore dragon.

    For example, back when elder scrolls 5 came out, some lore buffs for elder scrolls were talking about how it was not lore friendly, that there were reasons that dragons weren't around anymore. They were technically correct, but they forgot that dragons are dragons, and therefore dragon.

    Any complaint that dragons shouldn't be in Scion similarly fails to take this important rule into account.

    I mean, they're flat out just one of those...
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