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  • Alucard
    replied to Path of the Levinbolt Issues
    I was also looking at this path recently and though I don't mind the other issues, the range is ridiculous.

    I would home rule that as difficulty 6 up to 5 meters, the difficulty increasing by 1 for every additional 5 meters. So, 7 for 6-10, 8 for 11-15, 9 for 16-20, 10 for 21-25.

    That's still rather close range, but a lot more reasonable given the damage it can deal....
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  • I don't really like this mechanic. As the V20 book in it's introduction to thaumaturgy says "Only one success is needed to invoke a path’s effect. Path levels, not successes, govern the power of blood magic." There should be a definite limit that doesn't depend on the dice beyond rolling a success. Like "You can only carry a weight equal to yours." or "For every path dot you can carry 20kg" etc....
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  • Path of Mercury: Can you carry things with you?

    As for far as I'm aware, the rules don't mention carrying things, but I assume you don't teleport naked, so the spell works on things other than you. What should the limits be then? Anything you can comfortably carry (connect it to your strength rating)?

    If you use this to teleport into a bank vault, can you stuff a bag full of gold bars and teleport out with that?

    Can you escape the burning house with the damsel in distress in your arms?...
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