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  • I don't cap experience points, that doesn't make any sense to me. Get all the Attributes, Abilities and Backgrounds you can earn. But I cap Discipline dots based on age, quite stringently. Not just for neonates, but for everyone -the only way to exceed your limits is Diablerie.

    That's because I use a system similar to Requiem's Blood Potency instead of Generation, and because I want to have a clear idea of how powerful vampires can get at various age brackets - and what someone specialized, weak or very powerful for their age bracket looks like.
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  • Got to say I love your approach, very systematic and well thought out. But in my opinion, the Vampire rules themselves need a lot of rewriting for rigor and clarity in their own right, so I wouldn't feel comfortable using them as-is for something as ambitious as this -it feels like building your house on sand. Good thinking though!
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