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  • Schleiermacher
    replied to Salvaging the Nictuku
    To be honest, while I agree with you that the DAV20 description of the Nictuku isn't useful (to me that is, others' mileage might vary) what you've written here really isn't useful either, because it's so customizable and mysterious that it doesn't actually flesh out the high-concept in any way.

    People should either do what you did - just take the concept "goes bump in the night, eats Nos" and do their own thing with it - or make a full write-up (like DAV20 did, except hopefully more interesting) that actually goes somewhere specific with it and accept it won't be for e...
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  • Love this. I usually don't include werewolves in my Vampire games at all -but if I did, I'd know how to do it now....
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  • The really weird thing about this is that I didn't think there was any original material on that site. This obviously isn't from any official book.

    Edit: Astrix Maramus is a character from Final Fantasy 14. Move along, nothing to see here.
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  • 6 on one, with good rolls and good tactics? I'd have let them have the kill. (I'm a 'dice fall where they may" kind of ST, but even if you're not, I'd say they clearly earned it.) Werewolves are serious business, yes, but it's possible to take that too far and if five combat-hardened vampires (plus two) who effectively won initiative can't put away one werewolf, that's getting a bit ridiculous IMO. Combat in WoD is not D&D where 'you must be this high level to have a chance.'
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