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  • Crumplepunch
    replied to Canon Usurpation Surviving Solars
    While the Shogunate was in many ways a chaotic and destructive period, the system in place for hunting down and killing Anathema worked extremely well. The Realm also managed quite well before the disappearance of the Empress and the return of many more Solars in recent years.

    As for the Contagion/Crusade era, any burgeoning Solar empires that managed to somehow contest both disasters when nobody else could would still have the Defence Grid to contend with at the dawn of the Realm.

    Anyone who had carved out an empire beyond the borders of Creation at that time would...
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  • I suggest making it a grand goremaul with evocations to cover its actual use as a cannon. Here's a quick outline for a tree off the top of my head.

    Fiery-Jawed Fusillade - Simple attack Charm, shoots a jet of flame as a decisive attack out to medium range, probably with a damage bonus of some sort.

    Stoke the Hungry Salamander - Draw in flames/anima to set the cannon on fire, adding damage to melee attacks. Discharge to empower an attack with Fiery-Jawed Fusillade.

    Dragon Soars on Wings of Flame - Shoot the cannon into the ground to empower a leap. ...
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