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  • Sycophant
    started a topic Cyberpunk 2020 livestream game

    Cyberpunk 2020 livestream game

    Stop by and check us out tomorrow night!

    Episode 2 of Season 1 begins this Saturday August 3rd at 6pm PST (-7 GMT)
    Follow our group as they continue to track down the enigmatic Black Marquis. Will Hellcat and company be able to #savedane?
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  • I usually direct new people to watch 30 days of Night (despite what other people may think) when trying to give them a visual. Same with Lost Boys. I mention Near Dark but it's old enough now that most people I know have no idea about the movie.

    And again, I don't care about the cross over opinion of the show, but I've watched all of The Boys on Amazon Prime and that to me is a good example of vampires who simply lack humanity, as is the TV show Lucifer. It's not Sabbat centric but I find it helps to break down references in chunks. Like I don't want someone just looking at the bestial...
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  • Magda from the Lhiannan but I'm not counting on it
    and I'd love updated on some of the cast from Montreal by Night and maybe Black Wallace
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