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  • Friendos!

    I've been very busy and haven't been regaling you with my exploits nearly enough, nor have I been giving you my best poetry.

    We'll make up for this now.

    Sing the melody
    You can explode your own way
    Explode your own way

    The rest of the letter is the familiar-by-now rambling about adventuring and terrible poems! Members of the Scarlet Sky Conspiracy will see the following:

    Well! I'm glad to see I haven't had the most messed-up month, nor am I the one the most in over my head! Quelaana you are screwing with some...
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  • Literally every ST I've ever had has rewritten the Exalted setting to suit their tastes in some small way or another.

    Makes things more interesting when you can't make assumptions about the Secret Cosmic History of the Universe. (Also, I'm with Eura on how there was too much meta right off the bat in the standard materials.)
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