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  • Sixteenth Day of Ascending Wood, RY 767
    Pahua Basin, Blessed Isle

    So this is the latest word in ice wine... yes! I feel you cocking your head in curiosity. Carmela, is that wine made from ice? No, I say! It's wine where they've let the grapes freeze on the vine! Only the Realm would invent something so ridiculous, and yet so tasty. Here's the latest word...

    What follows is an enthusiastic but amateurish dissertation on the merits and flaws of some varieties of the aforementioned beverage. Members of the Scarlet Sky Conspiracy will see the follow...
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  • Clearly Aisa got the two of their names wrong during their first encounter and everyone has been too polite to correct her all this time. =P

    That or I forgot. Fixed!...
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  • I suspect PMs are for Resplendent Wood now; I just need to write up what I already had going with wonderandawe for an Ascending Wood letter and then all three of us (there are now three of us, after all) will be caught up.

    Right! I needed to write a thing for you!

    • Francesco Contarini - Carmela's great-grandfather. Patriarch of House Contarini, a family of Threshold Dragon-Bloods, merchants and bankers and traders and financiers and generally people who sully themselves with money. They are not Imperial unless you squint real hard, but they do constantly poach
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  • Oh! A question!

    Wonderandawe, are you going to stay on to continue to play Ryo with us?
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  • Obviously Carmela needs the Eye of the Fire Dragon, and the Daiklave of Conquest, and a Directional Titan.

    Oh, and the Five-Metal Shrike.

    Because why go halfway when using the crafting rules to break the game over your knee? >:P

    More seriously, the style of this game renders most "I git moar numbers" artifacts entirely cosmetic. So, while I would welcome the opportunity to trade in my Smashfists for a Dire Lance or a Daiklave, it would mostly be for the aesthetics (and possibly the sudden ability to swordfight people who cross me). Something...
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  • Sorry, I seem to have persistently missed the "this is how it's going to work in future" post and was pretty puzzled... well, how things were going to work.

    Good now, I'll start sending you stuff.
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