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  • Zooroos
    replied to Dark Eras 2 Discussion Thread
    I don't think so, no. The earliest Mage Dark Era would be the Golden Age of Piracy, I believe, which it would be much later than the last known register of the Tremere as a Diamond Order.

    PS: I think we'd know more once Nameless and Accursed gets published, with perhaps some more historical info in Tome of the Pentacle.
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  • Zooroos
    replied to Stacking Paradox Rules
    I've actually never even considered the interpretation #2 until I read this thread. To me, the rules and intent are clearly #1, because if the paradox risk only increases after the inicial paradox-risking spell, with no further distinction between safe/unsafe casting, the system would have been baked into the Reach options (just like the spell control rules), instead of paradox modifiers. That clearly states the intended ruling to me.
    Besides, coloquial language and technical language don't always parse the same way, and it is even more common with rpg manuals than in most other books. I...
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