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  • Ascension
    replied to Appearance in Written Social Influence?
    I'm not talking about rolling [Appearance + Linguistics], I'm talking about the "I'm so pretty I get non-Charm bonus dice" effect of Appearance. In 2E, Linguistics itself could grant the same "so pretty you get a bonus" effect in writing that Appearance could in spoken influence. And yes, that would double-up on the effect Linguistics would have on a roll, but Appearance does the same to a normal [Appearance + (Presence / Performance / Socialize)] roll in 3E, and there aren't Linguistics cap-breakers to boost it to an effective rating of 6+.

    That said, I'd forgotten...
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  • Ascension
    started a topic Appearance in Written Social Influence?

    Appearance in Written Social Influence?

    I just spent a good while searching my 3E books for a rule I was certain existed, but I couldn't find it anywhere. Ultimately I realized that was because it's a Second Edition rule.

    In 2E, Appearance didn't factor into the effect of written social actions, but instead your Linguistics rating functioned in place of Appearance. 3E not only doesn't use that as default, it's not present as a Charm effect for Solars or Dragon-Blooded, either.

    Does Appearance itself apply to handwriting in Third Edition, then? I know the Appearance Attribute doesn't simply measure physical...
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