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  • Malkavian87
    replied to The Koenig family
    Although I'll use some material from Berlin by Night, the notion of direct Kindred influence on the Nazi regime is out of the question. It has to remain a human evil. Vampires simply using mortal developments for their own ends will be quite common in my chronicle though.
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  • Malkavian87
    started a topic The Koenig family

    The Koenig family

    I'm assuming there's no canon material on the Koenigs (the minor Giovanni family) except a basic description that says they are German arms manufacturers and death-cultists?
    In that case I'll have to flesh them out completely myself. I recently started a WW2 era chronicle centered on Berlin and I think I can use them.
    Anyone have any ideas on what they could be like? Cause what exactly is a death-cultist? We can certainly assume they are pro-Nazi at this time. The party was popular with upper-class ethnic Germans. Being pro-death and arms dealers only makes them more likely to love...
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