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  • I've used Weather Underground frequently. For moon, sunrise, twilight, etc, I currently use this site. I can print out a month with a good deal of data for each day. I'm running vampire games, but werewolves factor in. Plus, several kindred events are structured around moon phases, so I make sure the phase is on the calendar.
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  • Corrigan
    replied to Oldest vampires?
    I've established that the oldest clan in my world are the Mekhet, and the oldest vampire that has been onscreen in my games was Embraced in 2290 BC, followed by a Gangrel from the second century AD. The Mekhet keeps a low profile, the city being her sanctuary while she looks back towards Egypt, but the Kindred who know her rightly fear her.

    In my setting, the first vampire was a Darkness-Claimed human who, at some point, managed to pass on a sort of spiritual infection through the blood to three different mortals. In turn, they each spread their power to three others. That makes...
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  • 1. If they aren't player options then you have wiggle-room as to what they can do. Results matter more than methods.
    2. This is critical -- if everything revolves on waking the antedeluvians, then either there is a plan they are working towards or they need to find something else to do. What I read suggests that they have this cool ability to see ghosts and go into the Underworld, but that's just window dressing... because they are sitting around some coffins... or else they're messing with governments to.. do something to do with these coffins...

    If it were me, I'd look into...
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  • Just a couple quick question.
    1)are these intended to be player options?
    2) What circumstances are proposed to wake the Antideluvians?
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