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  • The early adventures originally started with Baptism By Fire in the Vampire: The Masquerade first and second edition rulebook, an introductory story where the characters meet the Prince of Gary, Indiana, a destitute city with a vampire society ruined by losing a war with the Prince of Chicago. It isn't essential, but it sets the tone of the game well with the characters attending a party, getting into discussions about politics and philosophy, and probably not seeing any combat.

    This was followed by Ashes To Ashes, a more conventional adventure with an investigation and some action....
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  • Craig Oxbrow
    replied to Victorian Age ambience
    Similarly, the Dishonored games have a mix of sinister music-hall ambience suitable for back streets as well as more high-society scenes.

    For lyrics, Crows' Bones is a collection of supernatural classic and modern folk tunes.
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