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  • I usually go with "vampires are killed by symbolism". Sun kills because it represents purity. Fire hurts because it represents mortal knowledge against the forces of dark. Decapitation works because it represents judgement.

    So, in my games, brain removal doesn't kill vampires, not even removing all the head except for the jaw kills. It may be enough damage to torpor, but if it's not a total decapitation, it doesn't kill.
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  • Wouldn't this mean that a vampire would be fairly easily killed by a simple head shot, classical zombie style since, unless we are talking very small calibers, most bullets easily open up the back of a cranium taking with them most of the brain?
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  • I usually require BOTH in game reasons and XP to award merit points, otherwise i just go with equipment bonuses.I explain it like this: if you don't care about your merit you'll lose it without realizing:

    If you don't take time to care about your deals, your business partners are going to drift away to more profitable encounters.
    If you don't take time to administer the money you got, you'll end up spending them without realizing.
    If you don't take time to enforce your authority in the city, people will start to second guess or even forget you.
    If you don't take...
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