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  • It seems fairly practical. You're not handing over any money before the 14th December, even if you back today. You offer the amount you want to based on if you like the text, and then read the text. Don't like it, cancel pledge. It's not like you're making a Contract.

    (Unless you are... and this is how they claim you... pulled into the Hedge and dragged to the shipping warehouse to box copies of the prestige edition!)
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  • Thank you both! I'm excited about this, I'll see how it pans out.
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  • Getting Promethean as a Kickstarter reward from DE2, couple of concept questions.

    I've read 1st edition, but it was a friend's book set, and I'll be honest that stuff didn't really stick - what did was mainly the "you can't" parts. i.e. "you can't have a promethean always looking like its true self because of the fire," "you can't have an unfleshed robot with the Three Laws," etc . I'm looking forward to getting 2nd Ed when DE2's backerkit finalises, and I am excited about making Unfleshed - mostly because I'm a fan of the concept of the journey to humanity being run from entirely outside, like Asimov's Bicentenial Man.

    I'm soon going...
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