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  • Besides, the real elders, ones that were elders during the last Inquisition, you'd think would know better. This sounds like it ought to have been their reaction to the Camarilla's restructuring:

    Elder 1: Inquisition's back.
    Elder 2: Damn. What's the plan this time?
    Elder 1: Cities are cutting off contact from each other, and we're cutting the younger, less desirable elements loose. Let them burn with the Anarchs while we wait it out.
    Elder 2: Isn't that what we tried last time?
    Elder 1: Quite.
    Elder 2: Remind me how that went for all of us.
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  • A lot of Malkavians crave stability around them, since they themselves are such messes internally.

    Also, setting aside the closest thing to a clan consensus on the original Anarchs was 'a bunch of angry young Cainites pouring their faith into an empty sack', the Malks were one of the biggest supporters of the Cam and the Masquerade due to them being some of the biggest targets for Inquisitors (since broken minds in those days were basically assumed to be demon-possessed). I don't see either attitude shifting considerably even with the Cam being pointlessly regressive assholes in...
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  • It's almost like the few good things to come out of the French Revolution don't outweigh all the bloodshed and terror (both at home and abroad). Who'd have thought?...
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