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  • Wouldn't any Beast with the Burning Lair Trait or the Dragonfire Atavism be utter murder against vampire?

    Also while I didn't play Beast I used as GM Beasts as antagonists for Mages and Mortals. To my surprise it's the Lair which is the biggest advantage of the intelligent Begotten, letting the Tilts cripple your opponents before swooping in is a winning situation...
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  • Personnaly I think I would treat the mightiest of the Fae as Death Stars. You don't fight them, you go on epic quests to get their banes (which in true Chronicles of Darkness fashion should actually be rarer but more potent), you persuade them to play a transformation contest where you lure them to shift into three drops of water or something like that, you pledge to accomplish some great task for a letter of their true name.

    A 5 titles fae is a chronicle in itself or at least several scenarios before the climax....
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