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  • All this.

    Worth noting is that Infrastructure is how angels are birthed into physical reality, so shutting down Infrastructure is a matter of survival: do you want to shut down a performance of the Scottish Play at Midnight on a full moon, or do you want to deal with a Rank 3 hunter angel? Also, infrastructure requires fuel of some sort to power the occult matrix: some times this is innocuous, like 30 lbs of spinach per day, sometimes it's blood from a local preschool.

    Most broadly, Infrastructure represents the growing influence of the G-M in an area. Failing to prevent,...
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  • Or made from Demons. The Deva vivisection labs are always a hoot.

    The sky's the limit with anything involving Deva. They have access to the G-M's occult technology and entirely too much money on their hands. They may have their own programmed sleeper agents, reprogrammer insects, cybernetic security animals (for extra creep factor, rats with glowing green eyes and wires and circuits coming out of their skin swarm out of the vents when the ring penetrates sublevel 4-b), NRO Delta enhanced security personnel equipped with technology that would made Task Force Valkyrie green with envy....
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