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  • Persona 5 is Beast the Primordial... from the Heroes' perspective

    Well, not quite. But I can't be the only one who sees the connection between moving through a Beast's Lair to place an Anathema and infiltrating a Shadow's Palace to steal a Treasure.

    Also, quite a few of the Shadows had motivations very reminiscent of the Hungers from BtP....
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  • Agentwestmer
    replied to Night Horrors: Enemy Action
    Oh, I haven't, but I'm really, really hoping that Onyx Path goes for a dedicated book on cryptids, preferably a blue book.

    Oh, do more than have fun with it. Give my players nightmares....
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  • Agentwestmer
    started a topic Night Horrors: Enemy Action

    Night Horrors: Enemy Action

    Oh hells yes.

    Angels. Nightmare-inducing things of all shapes and sizes.


    Infrastructure and Facilities. Silent Hill and Twin Peaks had a baby and it is terrifying.

    Sleeper agents. Vastly underutilized.

    Cults. By the dozen. Who does the the grunt work of the G-M when angels are too much of an investment? Something beyond Hare Krishna knock-offs, the cults that infest corporate board rooms and elite ivy-league frat houses and political parties and government agencies. Give us cults that recruit and indoctrinate their members...
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