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  • Shadowstripe
    replied to DragonBlooded Question
    Sort of a Dragon-Blooded Half-Caste (Solar/Lunar) sort of thing? An interesting idea to be sure, but we will have to wait to see if Half Castes are still a thing in this Ex3... and even if they are, becoming a Dragon-Blood may burn out such potential as a Half-Caste as they are becoming a full Exalt (a little lesser than their Solar/Lunar parent, but still an Exalt). Where as other God-Blood heritages are from other supernatural beings that are not Exalted (and thus at least theoretically) can coexist with the Exaltation... at least to a small degree (again, to what extent remains to be seen)....
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  • It is unfortunate that the new Exalt types that were originally planned are not getting even the treatment being given to the Liminals and Getimians... but then it is understandable... the setting is already fairly complex as is... and with the Exigent rules they should be fairly straight forward to produce.

    I had forgotten that there had been talk that Exigents would follow Lunars (there was also talk that it might come before, but it seems that has been changed).

    To be honest... I would prefer to see Abyssals before Lunars... after the Dragon-Blooded, they are the most...
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  • Shadowstripe
    started a topic Do We Know Order of Exalt-Types Release for E3?

    Do We Know Order of Exalt-Types Release for E3?

    We know that the Corebook gave us the Solar Exalted... and that the Dragon-Blooded is the current one being worked on, but do we know what order the other Exalt types (old and new) will likely be coming out (not looking for exact dates... just a rough order).

    It also appears that when these various Exalt books come out, they will be followed by supplements detailing areas of the world (such as the Realm book coming after Dragon-Blooded) or ones that delve deeper into aspects of the Exalt type that couldn't be fit into the main book for that type (Companion style supplements).
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