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  • Yet with all the resources at the disposal of Project Pandora, they have only been able to confirm the existence of a single Psiad, and that one had become a Proxy before they even knew she existed. It seems that you are also underestimating just how hard it is to confirm the existence of Psiads.

    More to the point, while curing Corruption diseases may be a goal my character has, they are a long way from achieving it. The character is still fairly new to their power and doesn't fully understand the implications of what they are, and thus is unsure of who they can trust with this...
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  • Not as much as you might think.

    While many psychic abilities can be rather "flashy" when used, this precise use of Quantakinetics (Fundamentals) and Vitakinetics (Iatrosis) doesn't have to be... it can be done subtlety without many people knowing it has even happened. Sure, if the disease was known to be a Corruption disease, people might wonder how it was cured, but since the average person isn't likely to have a lot of technical knowledge of medicine, they aren't likely to dig too deeply into the how since they are more likely to just be relieved that it happened.
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  • A psiad character I am working will be focusing on combining Vitakinetics and Quantumkinetics in an attempt to recreate the Quantum Flux Disease cures that were lost when the Chitra Bhanu were Purged by the other Psi Orders. However, it is also that very purge that has convinced her to keep her Psiad abilities hidden as she doesn't trust any of the Psi-Orders due to their actions during that event and with the Upeo Wa Macho disappearance five years after that.

    Currently she is trying to study Quantum Flux zones first hand by offering her services as a field medic to both Project...
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