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  • ​The players are arguable the most important characters in the game. They are the Justice League and the Avengers of your games... their successes and failures will change the world... for better or worse. The Aberrant War may not be their fault directly... but they may be the only ones who could prevent it.

    ​How many times has the Earth's fate rested in the hands of a small group of heroes in comics? How many times would it have been destroyed if some little action during those events happened just a little differently? One just has to read a few issues of the "What...
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  • Many roads can lead to the same destination... and a clever Storyteller knows how to guide players along those roads even when they insist on taking a detour (without forcing them down a single path).

    ​In the example I provided above, it is possible that the death of this particular Nova wasn't the cause for the famine that followed which allowed the US Military to eventually take control of North America. Perhaps there was a hidden faction that wanted it to appear that this Nova was responsible so that they could undermine the US Government's response to this event and ensure...
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