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  • Yeah... that is what I referred to as the Eastern Desert (since it is east of the Monarchies). Sadly, while there is mention of it in the Angora section of Monarchies of Mau, there is very sparse detail as to what is found within (yes, it looks like a sandy desert from what the map shows, but that is not the only possible terrain that might be found there).

    The same is true about the mountains to the north of both the Monarchies and Pugmire... they are briefly mentioned, but there is very little meat on the scraps provided in the books.

    At least Pirates of Pugmire will...
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  • [Realms of Pugmire] What Lies Beyond?

    I am curious as to what other groups have put beyond the known borders of the Kingdom of Pugmire and the Monarchies of Mau for their players when they chose to go beyond the edge of what is currently known. What did you put beyond the Northern Mountains or the Eastern Desert? What did you have on the other side of the Acid Sea to the south? What did you put to the west of Pugmire? Just how big did you make the Fearful Forest between Pugmire and the Monarchies?

    I am mostly looking for inspiration as I am hoping to gather a group soon to play this game (probably going to wait until...
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  • Shadowstripe
    replied to A Guide to Guides
    Actually, A Guide can give access to a unique Knack in their Calling (or more accurately, that fits their nature; in this case using the Satyr Path). The last paragraph before the examples does mention that some unique Knacks may cost dots for the Guide to provide... not unlike the unique knack that some of the higher level Guides (like the Dis and Egun) can provide.

    As for the Purviews that a Guide can give access to... there isn't a real guide to it, but since Satyrs are connected to both Dionysus and Pan (and thus to a lesser extent Hermes), Chaos seems a likely Purview that a...
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  • Shadowstripe
    started a topic A Guide to Guides

    A Guide to Guides

    I think I need a little guidance when it comes to dealing with Guides. Specifically... can one build a Guide that is a little more powerful than their standard rating.

    For example... If I wanted to create a Scion of the Theoi with a Satyr Guide, could I make it a little more powerful than the 2 Dot rating it normally has? Say allow it to grant access to the Chaos Purview at 3 dots... or even the Panic Knack at 4 dots (I would guess that access to Immortal Knacks would be 2 dots while Heroic Knacks would be 1 dot).

    Of course this assumes that a given Guide (such as a...
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