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  • Shadowstripe
    replied to Birthright Discussion
    I've been trying to work on Birthright Relic for a character based on Druids performing human sacrifices (not interested in hearing the historical accuracy of such practices as they are beside the point).

    ​As a druidic character, this scion would naturally be part of the Tuatha... specifically a daughter of the Morrigan (a dark goddess that could conceivably tolerate such practices... even encourage them). In this character's specific case, to perform miracles for others, she will ask for a price... not out of greed as many would think... but to judge how far people are willing...
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  • To be honest... I don't think many would care what Aspect the Empress has. That she is Dragon-Blooded is enough... and that she has given birth to the current Great Houses (and many former Houses) of various aspects is all that people would really care about. Even in the various houses that have a strong leaning to one Aspect, you find Dragon-Bloods of a different Aspect. The Aspect of one's parents doesn't determine which Aspect you express... and as such, one's Aspect doesn't really hold that much meaning beyond that one Exalted.

    ​Furthermore... it is likely in the nearly 800...
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  • My take on the title of the Dragon-Blooded book is that for the past 1000+ years, Creation has belonged to the Dragon-Blooded. In that time, they forged two relatively strong, Creation spaning nations... the Shogunate that replaced the fallen Old Realm... and the current Realm that replaced the Shogunate.

    ​Both of these civilizations were born in fire and ash... the Shogunate arising from the wreckage of the Old Realm following the Usurpation... while the current Realm rising from the ashes of the Shogunate after the twin catastrophes of the Great Contagion and the Fair Folk Invasion....
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