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  • The mythical creatures of the world tend to avoid humanity when possible... and when it isn't... most humans will tend to see what they expect. While a true believer in the Tuatha may see fairies frolicking in a park... or even one of the Aes Sidhe running a business... most others will tend to dismiss such things or see them as something else entirely (because they don't expect it). Even so, there tends to be few places in mortal society for such beings... thus they retreat to the wild places and terra incognita that humans avoid or just don't know about.

    ​Many places that have...
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  • Will this game line follow the original... that the first book (after the core rule) will be set in the future of Aeon before proceeding backwards towards the near-present of Aberrant and the past of Adventure... or will it proceed in a more chronological order (starting with the origins of such beings in Adventure, seeing them grow in Aberrant... and then the end result in Aeon)?

    ​Personally, I am hoping the latter as doing the former will reveal a lot of spoilers for my gaming group (after playing Aeon and seeing what the Aberrants become, my players are less likely to be thrilled...
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